Check Cashing Software is a Windows check cashing program for stores handling cash advances, payday loans, transfers, bill payments, title loans and sales. Quickly and positively identify customers with the easiest fingerprint/Photo ID system on the market. Instantly access customer IDs, documents and check images. Whether starting that first check cashing/payday loan store, or tying together a forty store chain, Check Cashing Software is for you.
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Check Cashing Software was designed to cash checks quickly. The "Quick Cashing" feature displays the customer's Photo ID, Picture ID, fingerprint and images of cashed checks to easily identify the customer. Couple this with the speed of the Magtek Imager and not having to type in drivers license information, you can cash a check within seconds.

Check Cashing Software also serves the title loan, payday loan, cash advance and bill payment industry.  With our one screen checkout, you can cash a check, sell a money order, and process a cash advance... all at the same time. Our clients have found Check Cashing Software to be the easiest software to use... thereby minimizing training time for your employees.


The biometric fingerprint scanner is used to look up and verify customers.  It also saves an image of the print.

The Scanshell 800 captures an image of the drivers license and check.  Then using OCR technology, the information is automatically filled into the software so you do not have to manually type the information in.

The Logitech camera takes a color photo for instant identification.

Scan a Picture ID and two full page documents with a flatbed scanner.
The Magtek Imager obtains the check image, check number, check routing number and checking account number for greater speed and accuracy.
A cash drawer may be used to secure cash.
Print receipts lighting fast with an Epson thermal receipt printer.

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